Diversity, empowerment, family & empathy; these are just some of the core values that Orana Services and PCYC Redfern have in common. 

Orana and PCYC Redfern have long shared a vision of giving back on a grass roots level. It is this common vision that has laid the foundations for a strong partnership with the Youth Club. Since Orana first began working with PCYC just over a year ago, we have been successful in appointing many young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of the community to successful apprenticeships.

The apprenticeships at Orana are designed not only to provide youth with meaningful work and skills, but also to bring them into a team environment where they are supported, coached and mentored. Recently a young PCYC member in Redfern, Jamarley Whitton from the Gamilaraay mob, approached Orana Services site manager Riley Kellick seeking employment. The timing could not have been better.
Orana Services was able to offer an apprenticeship to Jamarley, giving him a variety of choice in either carpentry, plumbing, roofing, tiling, civil works or painting.

Eager to make a start, Jamarley chose carpentry. His apprenticeship commenced a month ago, working alongside Jed Campbell, a Dainggati man with over 23 years’ experience in bricklaying building and construction.

Pictured (From left to right); Senior Constable
Angela Cooke, Orana Trades Team; Jamarley
Whitton, Jamie Ingram, Riley Kellick

Although Jamarely is only just beginning his journey with Orana, already he has been provided with thestable foundations for a great apprenticeship, accompanied by an experienced mentor.
The success of Jamarely’s story and many other young apprentices at Orana could not have been possible without the support and determination of the PCYC Redfern team, in particular, Youth Case Manager & Senior Constable Angela Cooke.

“Angela’s passion for helping youth is unparalleled, her dedication and drive to motivate and uplift
the kids she works with has been inspiring to watch. With such a high level of trust and respect held
for Angela amongst the youth of Redfern, she has been instrumental in assisting us place multiple
young members of the community into apprenticeships with Orana. Through a likeminded approach,
Orana, together with Angela and the whole team at PCYC Redfern have been able to successfully see
several youth candidates placed into meaningful & long-term jobs.”

Riley Kellick

Project Manager, Orana Services