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Our team were proud to work with Clontarf and Spotless on this initiative by donating plumbing services to the project. Our majority Indigenous trades team worked closely with the school to have this project finalised for Term 4 and just in time for the official opening.

Spotless, Orana and Yaanma are coming together for a shared initiative at one of our local schools, La Perouse Public.

Orana Partners with Pass it on Clothing

Pass it on Clothing & Co. is a Sydney based social enterprise, which puts your apparel, shoes and accessory donations directly in the hands of those who need it most. Founded in September 2016 by Chris Vagg and Olga Puga, Pass it on Clothing & Co. has...

Welcome Ceremony Held for Classroom Built by Orana

Welcome Ceremony Held for Classroom Built by Orana In 2015 Seaforth Public School was met with great tragedy following a fire at their school that left one of their classroom blocks destroyed. Three years later the school was ready to rebuild, yet they...

Orana Welcomes Diversity

We understand that for so many a job means much more than financial support but also significant contribution to one’s health, wellbeing and social circumstance. It is with this in mind, that we hold ourselves accountable to strong diversity targets.

Orana Services Partners with PCYC Redfern

 Since Orana first began working with PCYC just over a year ago, we have been successful in appointing many young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of the community to successful apprenticeships.